• Bay City Burrito (St Kilda)

With Bachata bubbling through the speakers, and colourfully painted wood panels on the walls, I did feel as if I were in Mexico.  Only Bachata is from the Dominican Republic.  And burritos are from San Francisco.

Gary Mink is also from San Francisco and is the owner of this eatery opened only seven weeks ago.  He takes these tasty handfuls seriously – with everything from the cooking techniques of the beans, to the dynamics of the wrapping.  We were in for a treat.

The blogger evening began with margheritas, made different with super hot chilli swirled throughout.  The rim of the glass had been flavoured with cayenne pepper, chilli and salt.  The hotness came a few mouthfuls in.  Powerful.

Nachos are made with tortilla chips, a special cheese sauce and guacamole.  I appreciated the freshness and quality of the chips and the flavour of the cheese sauce, which is made with three different cheese varieties and sour cream.  The guacamole scoop was made with lots of fresh avocado speckled with red onion and coriander, it created a refreshing balance against the cheese and sour cream.

Burritos, were of course the signature order – with many varieties and all being available vegetarian by substituting meat for tofu.  I had the La Fajita with tofu, capsicum, onions, cheese, rice, salsa and lime sour cream.  I also added black beans.  The tofu was deliciously grilled for that barbeque taste.  The onions and capsicum were sautéed.  Unlike other burritos I have recently enjoyed, this one was jam packed with variety, rather than having a filler of rice or salad.  The lime sour cream was tasty but lost against the other ingredients.  Next time I will order one without rice.  I also wished I had enjoyed my chillied margherita afterwards, so that I could fully appreciate the burrito's many flavours.

To share, we had quesadillas with sour cream, salsa and guacamole.  The melted cheese in these was tasty with a bit of bite.  This is definitely a dish to eat hot.

There was no dessert, but chocolate burritos are on their way.  Yum, I will be returning for those.

The principles of Bay City Burrito are clear – to create tasty and authentic food that everyone can enjoy (be it vegetarian or gluten free).   I did get the impression the food is healthy too.  Everything is made fresh and no lard or  preservatives are used.  Despite this, it is the perfect quick snack with most orders only taking five minutes and the wrapping good enough for eat in or handy take-away.

Bay City Burrito
4 Shakespeare Grove
St Kilda 3182
03 9534 1582

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