• FOG (Greville St, Prahran)

The book The Great Gatsby was written as a critique of the frivolity of American society.  Somehow today, it is the opulence and carelessness that draw us to the story.  So after seeing the movie, it only seemed appropriate that my Gatsby loving friend and I should end up at the shamefully glamorous FOG for cocktails and dinner.

Seated near the front to the left, I was facing the wall rather than the stiletto clad young women with big hair and lipstick.  I ordered the vegetarian main – a porcini mushroom laganelle – and a beetroot salad to share (after memories of the one with candied hazelnuts from Boozy Rouge).

The fresh pasta was made all the more enjoyable and extravagant, by the porcinis being fresh.  I could not remember having these little delights fresh since...well, perhaps I had never had them fresh until FOG.  It arrive pre-covered with grated reggiano and spiced with red chilli.  Still, the dominant, but pleasant, flavour in the dish was garlic.

The beetroot was sliced with fetta and baby beet leaves decorating the top.

Dessert was optional.  Cocktails were obligatory.  I combined the two with a chocolate martini, whilst my friend enjoyed her old FOG favourite of an espresso martini.  The people at the table to next to us leaned in to check them out.

“What are they, they look great?”

The strength of the coffee cut through the alcohol, whilst mine tasted strong but delicious.  As with anything in a martini glass, it was over too quickly.

FOG is pretentious, sophisticated and lively, but the food and drinks match the standard...and sometimes, like after watching hours of fabulous parties, I crave a little lively glamour.

142 Greville Street
Prahran 3181
03 9521 3155
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