• Red Spice Road (QV, Melbourne)

A life threatening allergy to sesame.  A dislike for seafood.  And, of course, a vegetarian.  Let’s see you cope with that!  The waiter did not flinch as he took down our complicated dietary requirements for the lunch banquet.

Red Spice Road at the QV has the same modern, Asian inspired decor and open space as the original, but with separated tables and less customers, it allows more focus on conversation and the food.  The $25 lunch banquet is extremely good value.   The lovely ladies with whom I work, were taking me for my birthday.  I was completely and utterly spoilt!

The appetiser was a betel leaf with eggplant, coriander, chilli... it was a little handful of flavour, especially chilli and refreshingly moist.

The tofu was firm without being dry with fresh chilli and Chinese mushrooms.  The sauce seemed to be of soy – to avoid the sesame of the usual Hoi Sin.  One commented that it was the best tofu she had ever tried.  The other commented that she thought there would be more mushrooms.

The noodles were like a Vietnamese style with lots of tangy, fresh salad thrown on top, coriander and fried garlic.

Corn fritters broke up the tang and chilli tastes with a sweet honey sauce for a more-ish flavour.  The actual fritters were solid without being too dense.

The banquet is filling.  I was so full, but hate wasting food, so was caught between my own morals and physical abilities to finish the meal.  Wow.

Red Spice Road QV also does big group bookings and functions.  Given they expertly handled our dietary requirements – I have no doubt they would be able to tailor a delicious meal to anyone.

Red Spice Road QV

31-37 Artemis Lane QV
Melbourne VIC 3000
03 8660 6300

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