• Barney Allen's (St Kilda)

To appreciate the diversity of St Kilda, you have to be doing something slightly weird yourself – like dancing on a pier in full costume.  No one will make fun of you in St Kilda, we all  have our own quirks.  Some sections are now becoming commercialised, but there are still the typically local institutions. Barney Allen’s is one of these.

Run by celebrity chef, Iain Hewitson, you can see the love for food in the menu.  This is no ordinary pub.  It is more about the grub than beer, whilst the latter is still in plentiful supply.

Feel like carbs?  The polenta chips are so crunchy and hot, only made more so by a tasty chilli mayonnaise. Gado gado is the typical choice for a vegetarian ‘healthier’ option.  The steamed, cold veggies are done with a unique pineapple flavoured satay; sweet, nutty, tangy and refreshing.

The naan bread with dips is another filler.  Despite several vegetarian options, there is nothing that offers a completely balanced meal.  Still, each item is well prepared and its flavours and cooking techniques are mastered.

To be fair, in St Kilda, it is hard to please everyone.  Last time I sat next to a baby.  The time before it was a cross-dresser who caught my eye at the bar.  The time before that is was a group of middle-aged men dressed in formal suits.  As the suburb dictates: everyone is welcome.

Barney Allen's
14 Fitzroy Street
St Kilda 3182
03 9525 5477

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