• Shawcross Pizza (Brunswick Street, Fitzroy)

Brought to us by the Phat Bras boys, Shawcross is a new casual and trendy eatery on Brunswick Street. With a focus on pizzas and salads, I was interested to see how this match would be made.

My friend and I arrived one late afternoon, hot, dehydrated and hungry. We ordered beer. We ordered cider. We ordered salad. And of course we ordered pizza. We chatted enthusiastically between sips of our cold drinks and waited for the food to arrive.

The service was friendly, the interior set-up as what they call retro – simple tables and benches like a casual take-away joint.

The pizza was a modern take on the Italian favourite. They describe it as New York style.  The base was thin under topping, and fluffy at the crust. Our order was for the “Livin’ on the veg” ($15), which was mainly flavoured with pesto. With ricotta, mushrooms and fresh salad, this pizza somehow seemed healthy.

The “Trade Joe” ($14) was an even healthier mix of peas, black beans, pumpkin, red rice, black beans and goats’ cheese. Intense. The salad was big. In fact, we were sharing both dished and were unable to finish. Neither looked so big, but full of hearty rice and pumpkin, it was the salad that tipped our appetites over the edge.

The food was tasty, but it was hard to put my finger on its personality. The pizza was not like the oily, more-ish, tomato rich ones I usually favour. The salad was not the typical light meal for a bird-like eater. Perhaps it is just that the food from Shawcross is very Melbourne, and as Melbournians we like to take the best of all the fabulous cultures and sprinkle in a bit of health and fashion.

Shawcross Pizza
324 Brunswick St
Fitzroy 3065
03 9419 9596

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