• Omah's (Burwood Road, Hawthorn)

After an absolutely amazing 12 months of travelling the world, I am back to my home country of Australia and home city of Melbourne. With so many adventures, it was hard to return, but the food was definitely one thing that helped. Constantly being in new countries where you don’t know the streets, let alone the restaurants, eating well is a whole new challenge. I was dreaming about Green’s breakfast stacks, Aoba’s bento boxes, Maria’s Trattoria’s gnocchi, the coffee at Brother Baba Budan... in my city I know my favourite dishes and where to get them. I also love curry luksa and it was this that I was craving after 30 hours of travelling and little sleep squashed between people in a full aeroplane.

Omah’s was a new recommendations in Hawthorn. It’s interior is slightly more attractive than your typical cheap and cheerful, and set-up (as they say) like a 1950’s Malaysian tea-house with birdcages and teak wood. It is a attractive, and a pleasant place to relax.

The lunch is good value with luksa and a coffee or tea for $9.90. Although the menu states “strictly no alterations”, asking for mine as vegetarian was not mentioned as a problem.

The laksa was exactly what I needed in my tired, jet-lagged state: big, hot, creamy and with lots of broccoli, noodles and puffy tofu. Vegetarian laksas can often lack flavour, this one made up for it with chilli and coconut.

Omah’s also highlights many noodles and dishes for vegetarians. Whilst it may not be as cheap as some other Malaysian restaurants near-by, I really enjoyed the decor and the friendly staff who let you linger over your meal. Sitting at the window with the sun on my back and a good meal in my belly, I was seeing there are many reasons to be home.

338-342 Burwood Road
Hawthorn 3122
03 9818 7777
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  1. I went to Omah's last year; I think I even sat at the same table with the sun on my back while I was eating Kway Teow. To me the best test of a good Malaysian restaurant is the Kway Teow, and Omah's passed the test. Ros

  2. It's a nice spot, isn't it? I will have to try noodles next time. I find often they don't have the wok taste.

    1. Perhaps you could ask to check out their kitchen and see if the chef waits for the 'breath of the wok' before cooking the noodles. Ros

  3. Great idea. Otherwise I just taste test... that is the good thing about food blogs, they tell you details like the wok flavour of malaysian noodles ;)

  4. My colleagues and I had to go to a meeting at Hawthorn today and decided to have dinner there. We went to Omah's since I hadn't been there for a long time. We were too early but the staff let us in so we could sit somewhere warm and chat. The food was delicious and of course I couldn't resist ordering the kway teow again. Still a good place to eat Malaysian food. Ros

  5. Yum yum. Good to see you enjoyed your meal, and your word is worth much more than mine when it comes to Malaysian cooking ;)