• The Salford Lads Club (Fennell Street, Port Melbourne)

My bike riding friends and I go to The Salford Lads Club about once a month on a Saturday morning for breakfast. We do have a policy of trying different cafes for breakfast but this has become a regular for us. This is a very relaxed café with a large tree out the front and a tyre swing attached to one of the branches. The area is not quite a wasteland but it has the feel of being in the middle of nowhere: more accurately it is in the middle of a light industrial area. When cycling to The Lads Club it appears as a bit of an oasis when turning into Fennell Street. Quite a few cyclists do arrive here, but the majority arrive by car.

We hadn’t been there for a month, but the waitress greeted us on arrival and asked if we wanted to start with the usual beverages. There were only four of us, but she knew exactly what each of us ordered last time. To me this is real class and immediately makes you feel at home and welcomed. I always start with the lemongrass and ginger tea ($3.80). This is freshly brewed and not a tea bag in sight The others have a coffee of various descriptions ($3.80) and always rate it highly.

The dish of choice for me is the Baked Eggs with house Baked Boston Beans and Bulgarian Feta ($16). This dish comes with a stack of buttered toast and is served in the pan. The beans come in a beautifully flavoured tomato sauce. The feta provides a nice contrast to the slightly sweet sauce. The eggs usually arrive perfectly cooked with a soft yolk, but make sure you do ask for them to be served soft as they continue to cook in the pan after they have been served. This is a substantial dish. We keep saying we should share this as a dish, but when it arrives I am immensely satisfied that it is all mine!

We usually sit outside under the large tree, but the inside is equally relaxed. The décor is fairly minimalist with some dedication to cycling. There are some large tables as well as some smaller ones. Overall this is a very relaxed place with excellent and friendly staff and some of the best baked eggs in Melbourne.

About the Author
Michael is a food and wine connoisseur.  He also makes a delicious chocolate cake.

The Salford Lads Club
1 Fennell Street
Port Melbourne 3207
03 8534 9957

Hours: Mon to Fri 7am to 4pm; Sat 8am to 2 30pm; closed Sundays

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