• Groupon competition: what is your best travel recipe?

Hi everyone,

So as you know, I have been remotely blogging lately (and I mean remotely), while travelling the world.  It’s a tough life.  But sometimes in fact it is difficult to eat well on the road (if this is the only problem I have then I am doing very well).

Just one of the many amazing landscapes I have passed on my trip.
Yes.  That is a rainbow coming out of the glacier.

So I am hoping to get your ideas on the best dishes to make whilst travelling.  I learnt a great one in Hungary which was made from onions, tomatoes and paprika (chillies).  The onions were fried then all the ingredients were boiled together like a soup, or reduced like a stew.  Any other ingredients can be thrown in as you wish (for example carrots, eggplant, broccoli).  I loved this recipe as it was easy, didn’t require many ingredients and, most important of all, it was tasty.

The prize:
Groupon have agreed to give one lucky Nouveau Potato reader a $50 voucher as a prize.  Groupon has had some great restaurant deals in Melbourne but can also give you up to 90% off travel, spas, events and shopping all over Australia too.  So get your ideas together people and send me your best travel recipes!

Some tips:

  • I don’t have a full kitchen.  Most places don’t have ovens but have stoves.
  • The fewer ingredients the better, I am cooking for one person and it is often difficult to store left-overs.
  • Anything that makes me think of home will get special points.
  • Appetisers, snacks, mains and desserts are all welcome.
  • The recipe must be quick and easier (it is often hard to pin down time for use of the kitchen)
  • The ingredients must be easy to obtain at most supermarkets (eg.  in Europe it is hard to track down simple tofu).
  • Of course, the recipe must be vegetarian (goes without saying really).

How to enter:

  • Simply post your recipe as a comment below.
  • Like Nouveau Potato on Facebook.
  • Make sure there is a way for me to know who you are (ie, do not comment as anonymous and expect me to guess it is from you).

I look forward to reading all your ideas!


The rules:
The competition closes at 5pm AEST on 31 October 2012. The winner will be announced on the Nouveau Potato blog by 4 November 2012. The winner will be notified via Facebook and must reply within three days of being notified, or the prize will go to the runner up entrant. The winner will be judged by Elisa on the practicality and tastiness of the recipe. The judge’s decision is final. The entrants must live in Australia.


  1. So my perfect recipe for travellers is the humble Frittata - Tolga style!
    First you chop up an onion and capsicum, and cook with olive oil until soft and brown. Can also add mushrooms if you like, as well as rocket. Then crack a few eggs in. Don't mix too much, just pop the yolks. Then add salt, pepper and sweet paprika. Done :)

  2. Thanks Tolga. This sounds great! I will try to make it tonight. I think I even saw paprika in the kitchen.

  3. The dish I really like when travelling is one that uses dal or yellow split peas. These are available everywhere either tinned or dried. I prefer the dried as it is much cheaper and you can use exactly the amount you need when cooking for one. If using dried peas soak a third of a cup of peas in water for a few hours. Drain and place in a small heavy pot/saucepan with a cup of water. Bring to the boil and simmer until cooked and not too soft (about 20 minutes). In a pan place diced potato, carrot, pumpkin (can use one or all of these depending on what you like and how hungry you are). Just cover the veggies with water, add a pinch of tumeric and chilli powder or fresh sliced chilli and gently simmer till almost cooked. Add the dal to the pan and add any other green veggies that you like - beans, cabbage, spinach. Add a pinch of salt and cumin. Cook over a high heat until the green veggies are tender. This is a very versatile dish: you can add water so it is more of a soup or you can restrict water and serve it with rice. All of the ingredients (including the spices) can be adjusted to taste. If coconut is available this can also be added to make a richer and sweeter dish. Always carry a small quantity of split peas, chilli, cumin and tumeric and you have a the basis of a nourishing, filling and cheap meal with the variety coming from the different veggies you add depending on what is available

  4. A simple meal, inspired by a Uyghur dish...

    When cooking for one, it can be difficult to ensure all food, such as bread, is fresh, given the sizes sold in markets and stores.

    Cut stale bread into bite sized cubes. Drizzle olive oil all over, then dry fry them until crispy and browned to your liking. Set aside.

    Using the same pan (one pan cooking = less washing up!), saute onion and/or garlic until soft, then add roughly chopped mushrooms and mix. Turning the heat up, add whatever wine is available, and let it bubble until reduced. Add salt and pepper (or chilli) to taste, as well as any herbs and a dollup of butter (if available).

    Spread the croutons on top, for a delicious, one-pot meal, making use of stale bread.

    Bon appetit!

  5. The best tomato salad ever!
    Chop tomatoes, add herbs (I recommend basil or oregano, but would try anything!), and whatever cheese is around (had an amazing soft, goats cheese in this salad the other day), before seasoning with salt & pepper. Finish with a generous serve of olive oil and enjoy!
    Also recommend to pop open your favourite ale or for wine drinkers, a drop or white or red.

  6. Thanks for your entries Lyss, Little Timmy and Michael Charles. I am loving the sound of the mushrooms with the bread... very easy to come by both in France (where I am at the moment) - plus it is mushroom season and my colleagues have been telling me about their mushrooming adventures on their days off.

    Entries close soon!!!

  7. Hi Elisa! It's taken me a whole month to think of something worthy to post for you, and in the end... well even though I STILL have no good ideas, I was afraid that if I didn't post something, you'd end up eating nothing but Tolga's frittata, because no one else posted. Luckily, I find today that your other friends have come through with the goods (read: recipes)... so I'm very relieved that you will no longer starve. :)

    Now, about travel food. I suggest... avocados. Avocados have been on my mind of late, possibly because they are around AUD $2.75 a piece now (somewhere in the vicinity of 2 euros I think? 2 Euros!!), or possibly because they are delicious. At any rate - avocados!

    Plus, they can apparently go for only 1 euro (or thereabouts) in The Fresh Market in Dublin. Unfortunately I don't know what season it is there, but I'm sure The Fresh Market would be great in any season.

    So if you do get your hands on an avocado or two:
    1) Mashed avocado with a little salt and pepper on toast? or on a rice cracker? or with a soft tortilla? or corn chips? Mashed ripe avocado is so delicious I could probably eat it with lots of things.

    2) If you have the time, inclination, equipment, ingredients, or a combination of the the above... guacamole! Again, a versatile snack. Mashed avocado, splash of lime juice, diced red onion, diced tomato, salt and pepper to taste. If I'm feeling lazy or short of ingredients, skip the lime juice and the onion. I happen to like tomatoes (plus they are out of season here, and therefore both expensive and precious) so I'll try to leave that in if I can. The super-easy version is as suggested in (1) - to simply mix avocado + salt + pepper.

    3) Avocado as a sweet - have you ever tried cutting one up into pieces and sprinking with raw sugar before consumption? Give it a shot. :)

    4) I wasn't going to put a fourth point, but thinking of tomatoes prompted me. I'm now imagining snacking on a dry cracker with slices of avocado, tomato, brie cheese (or any other cheese to hand) and cracked pepper. Come to think of it, how about the same ingredients on toast under a grill - great for a quick meal or snack, simple to do in shared kitchen facilities, easy to clean up after yourself, and hardly anyone will notice you've been into their sea salt and cracked pepper stores.

    Be well, and please don't starve. :)

    Love Corinne

    ps. I'm glad you talked Groupon into donating you a coupon / voucher (at least, I hope they did?) because Groupon generally makes me sad every time I think of it. They sold a very dodgy coupon to me once, which admittedly was probably more the dodgy SHOP behind the advertising that Groupon itself, but I thought Groupon should take some responsibility for the blatant false advertising that went up on their site under their name....... but they never answered my complaint email..... :oS

    pps. Back to more important matters. *hugs* Elisa, you are awesome. Travel well, and eat an avocado sometime. :)

    Hi everyone! Thanks for all the recipe ideas. After much thought, the winner is the mushroom Uyghur dish. Thanks Lyss. This sounds delicious and also all the ingredients are readily available where I am at the moment. I also love all the avocado ideas - I wish I had had these when I was in Colombia where avocados were cheap and plentiful. Congratulations and thank you to everyone who entered.

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