• L'Ardoise ( Rue du Mont-Thabor, Paris)

My parents love Paris.  They are so happy when they are here.  Last night, they suggested dinner at L’Ardoise (a charming little eatery in the heart of Paris for a hearty and reasonably priced meal.  The set three-course menu is €36, and the English speaking, Spanish waitress was happy to organise a special vegetarian main.

I had a choice for entrée.  There was a tomato and basil salad, but I chose the roquefort terrine.  Have I mentioned how much cheese I have been eating since in Paris?  This dish was a slab of it.  In between layers of the strong blue, were crushed nuts all lightly dressed with balsamic.  Bread was needed to break up the flavours, it was a dense rye.

Main course was prepared especially pour moi, a home-style meal perfect for a vegetarian.  It included an omelette with a buttery cheese sauce,   broad beans, an eggplant and tomato based ratatouille and French style potatoes.  This would be the type of meal a non-vegetarian friend would cook me if I were over for dinner.  It was lovely.

Dessert was just as rich as the hearty savouries.  The ‘chocolate dome’, which the waitress described as a cake, was actually an intense mousse covered in dark ganache.  It was so shiny that I could see my reflection in it.  Inside were unsweetened raspberries.  It was a beautiful flavour combination.  To the side was a passionfruit sorbet to refresh from the dark chocolate.

We were all so full and happy after this meal.  The service was friendly and obliging.  The food like a home cooked meal, simple and delicious.  L'Ardoise can get busy (it was booked-out when we were there).  It is best to reserve a table upstairs, which it is more charming than the basement.


28 rue du Mont-Thabor
75001 Paris
+ 33 (1) 42 96 28 18