• Shady Lady Saloon (Sacramento, California)

I had not seen M since she left for the US, so any reunion was much celebrated, and of course food had to play a part.

Her lovely friends from Sacramento offered to take us around for the day.  On the way there, I commented on how much I wanted to sit in the sun, eating chips (or fries as they call them) and enjoy a nice lunch.

It was fortuitous that M’s friends took us to Shady Lady.  Set up with a plush interior as an old world saloon, I felt that I should have been wearing a corset and fishnets to enter.  On a relaxed weekend, with the sun shining, we declined the themed bar and (driven by my longing for sun) nabbed a table out the front.

The sandwiches come as two mini burgers separated by a mound of crunchy, heavily seasoned fries (or salad if you prefer).  I ordered the ‘Portabella Mushroom Sliders’ sandwich. The soft bread had been toasted and glowed golden in the sun. Inside were generous chunks of mozzarella, neatly assembled with mushrooms, pink lady apple slices, onions and watercress.  The onions had been dressed with balsamic vinegar, giving an intense but enjoyable flavour against the refreshing sweetness of the apple.  I really enjoyed these little buns and was glad to have another one still on my plate after finishing the first.

M’s friend ordered the breakfast omelet that they obligingly served with fruit instead of bread to assist his no-carb diet.  The fruit looked delicious…and I was told it was.  Breakfast is served until 2pm.

It was such an enjoyable meal, not only to spend time with M, to meet her friends and get to know her life in the US. The food was simple and delicious, and the aspect one perfect to remind myself I was on holidays.

Shady Lady Saloon

1409 R Street
Sacramento, California 95811
(916) 231 9121


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