• Origen (San Telmo, Buneos Aires)

Buenos Aires.  The big BA.  So much I had been told about this marvellous city, and so my expectations were high.  Day one, I found myself at Origen, a little café, near my hostel with enough vegetarian options to make me smile.

Sitting outside in the sunshine, I practised my Spanish with other diners and perused the menu selecting the vegetarian plate and a coffee.

The coffee would have been considered bad if it were to ever be served in Melbourne, but the food was tasty, simple but best of all meat-free.

My plate came with salad, eggplant cooked and served with brie, and, rice.  I was so happy to have fresh veggies after living off sugary fruit juices in Brazil and even happy to find that vegetarian food existed in Buenos Aires, despite all the reports of it being a meat-eaters’ paradise.

Peru 1092
San Telmo, Buenos Aires
(011) 4362 8847