• Gather (Berkeley, California)

When in the US visiting M, I was so excited to be in America and wanted to do all things American.  Somehow being in the US makes me feel like I am in a movie.  Come on, the main place we hear the American accent is in the movies, so when the animated people of California are all around me, I cannot help but thing I am in some elaborate film.

With all things American, I wanted to get a manicure, which for some reason I felt was the most authentic thing to do here, perhaps due to such movies as Legally Blonde (much to M’s embarrassment).

Afterwards, we went to Gather which M had researched as one of Berkeley’s great restaurants with great vegetarian options.

So excited by our manicures, I took pictures until M was even more embarrassed with the waiter commenting on them and our picture taking in a monotone voice.  She will be even more embarrassed when she sees I have mentioned the whole adventure in this post.

Enough about our nails, finally to the food...

Gather is committed to supporting local farmers and using only sustainable ingredients, according to the footer on its menu.  For a vegetarian, this means fresh veggies.

I uncharacteristically declined pizza and ordered the vegan charcuterie.  It was four beautifully presented compositions: mushroom tartare, chickpeas, trumpet mushrooms and strawberries.   

Doesn't this look beautiful?
The mushroom tartare was made from finely chopped and cooked mushrooms assembled into a flat round.  Dressed radish slices and several different sauces added interest to this already tasty beginning.

Eating from right to left, next was the chickpeas. These were served with dried chilli, peas and coriander. It was almost like a dip, but a very tasty one.

The trumpet mushrooms had been marinated and were accompanied by cannellini beans and onion.  To each side was horseradish whipped into a light mousse.  Herbs garnished the top which they described as salad.

Moving to the sweet side, the final was strawberry.  This was served with coconut milk whipped into a froth, and rhubarb which had the appearance and texture of pickled ginger.  A sprinkling of basil ensured that this remained a savoury rather than sweet.

We did not stay for dessert finding them less inspiring than the mains and ourselves full.

2200 Oxford Street
Berkeley CA 94704
(510) 809 0400

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