• El Living (Puerto Natales, Chile)

Thank you, do you have a map? I asked the friendly staff at the hostel.  In response he laughed and said no.  Puerto Natales is apparently so small that one does not need a map to navigate their way around the city’s eateries.  Still, with a bad sense of direction, I felt insecure without graphically seeing where I was in front of me.

El Living is easier to find on the boarder of Plaza de Armas. Foreign run and clean it has an extensive menu of wholly vegetarian food.

Craving something nutritious and healthy, I ordered the Agridulce Salad translated as sweet and sour red salad.  The majority of it was chopped red cabbage with tiny squares of beetroot and sliced red onion.  Red kidney beans made up the protein side of the meal.  With a hot and tangy dressing, the salad was flavoursome but not big enough to satisfy.  It looked pretty and I noted the recipe in my brain to make when I get home.

For solo travelers, there is a stack of magazines to entertain whilst waiting for a meal, all of them very out of date, “will Lady Gaga be the next big thing?” posed the fashion magazine I had picked up.

The atmosphere is chilled and international with French lounge music and sizable couches.  A nice place to charge up before a big hike around Torres del Paine (the attraction for which most people will visit this little town).

El Living
Arturo Prat 156 (on Plaza de Armas)
Puerto Natales, Chile