• Solar Cafe at the MAM (Salvador, Bahia, Brazil)

Overlooking the sunny pier and sea, I was sitting at the table with the best view at Solar café in the Modern Art Museum.

The waitress was somehow fluent in English.  I have learnt to have no expectations of service here.  I am told that wait staff get paid about $800 per month.  In some restaurants the staff only get what is left as the 10% service charge, and nothing if the bill is not paid.  A shop assistant gets about R$25 per day.  With these wages it is little wonder that staff and unresponsive.

Perhaps this place is frequented by tourists as it seems the other tables were when I was there.  The MAM does not seem as extensive as I had thought.  There was an exhibition on by Ruben Vallentin.  His works showed geometrical shapes in bold African colours, they are expressions of the Bahian and African cultures.  As I understand little about either, I could not fully appreciate the art.

The lime and ginger juice – perfect remedy for a cold - arrived without any sugar as asked.  Cold and sour, it was very refreshing.

The spinach quesadillas came in a small and pretty portions with cold fresh tomato salsa and guacamole.  The spinach had been finely chopped for easy eating, and the cheese was plentiful and oozing out the sides.  The salsa was flavoured with chili, lime and white vinegar.

With the cool breeze blowing through the large brick supported archway, I felt it was the perfect moment to be enjoyed.

Solar Cafe
Rua Almeida Sande, 8
Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
(71) 3328 3444