• La Cacciatora (Grattan Street, Carlton)

One would not expect a vegetarian to enjoy eating at a place called "the hunter".  In fact when I first learnt the meaning of the real name, I was put off.  But in truth La Cacciatora, known to me as Pizza-by-the-Metre serves fabulous pizzas, and yes they can be a metre long.

When I was at uni, I would visit this restaurant almost weekly.  I liked the sunny outdoor tables, the Italian feel and of course the food.

The ortalana is a favourite because you get four different pizzas in one: capsicum, potato and onion, eggplant and zucchini.  The ingredients are  mixed with garlic, olive oil and bread crumbs giving them a delicious and distinctively Italian flavour.

We ordered a 50 cm pizza each.  It was a struggle to finish, but easy to take away.

The staff, decor and menu for this establishment have been the same for many years.  I still enjoy it.  Despite the name.

La Cacciatora
29 Grattan Street   
Carlton 3053
03 9663 4778

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  1. After reading your review, I decided to try it out last week. I couldn't order the metre-long pizza but had the 20cm long Margherita instead. It was delicious. I noticed that many other tables had the metre-long pizza and some of them couldn't finish it. I also had the tiramisu for dessert of course. I was assurred that it was homemade. It was quite good but I prefer a stronger flavour of expresso and/or marsala. Ros

  2. Thanks Ros. Yes, the metre of pizza is definitely a great novelty - but best shared. They usually let you take home if you cannot finish. Saying that I have not been here for a while. It is one of those places that I take for granted for always being there. The gourmet vegetarian pizzas are all delicious.

  3. Looks like the restaurant has been there forever. I noticed some of the customers were regulars judging from their interaction with the staff and probably the owner. I must go back with more friends and try the gourmet vegetarian pizzas. Your recommendations have been great so far. Ros

  4. Thanks so much Ros. It is so lovely to have a reader like you! I have been waiting for clear weather to make my way up to Lygon Street, it is always lovely on a nice day.

  5. I read your blog everyday especially when I have to eat lunch at my desk. So much more enjoyable than doing work but I don't always remember what I've posted or where so it takes a while for me to see your replies. Ros

  6. Hi Ros,
    You are so lovely. The only problem with loving food and blogging is that I am constantly hungry thinking about food! Thanks for your kind words and following my blog.

  7. I know what you mean by constantly being hungry thinking about food, but what a 'delicious' problem :-)) I read your blog and drool over the photos of food. Btw, you take great photos of food. I tell my friends about Nouveau Potato too because they want to know where I get my recommendations from. Ros

  8. I just eat more often instead! Or try to only write after eating, rather than before. Thanks for spreading the word about Nouveau Potato. I'm pleased it has been able to help you try new places :)