• A1 Bakery (Sydney Road, Brunswick)

My friend had raved about the cheese pies at A1 bakery for a long time.  Anything cheesy captures my attention and I had always planned to visit when he mentioned it.  I finally got to try them last Saturday.

Set up in a large warehouse type room, this bakery feels more like a school hall.  Tables sit at the front with a counter to the right for ordering hot food.  To the left are Middle Eastern supplies including nuts, pickled chilies and drinks.

We ordered the obligatory cheese pie, a spinach pie and a vegetarian pizza.  Drinks were sour cherry and strawberry juices.

The cheese pie arrived warm and fluffy.  The casing was soft and light with a texturte in between pizza dough and brioche.  Parts of it tasted like nutmeg eventhough I couldn't see it.  Inside were strips of a rubbery, salty white cheese.  I could see why one would travel across town for one of these.

The spinach pie was heavily flavoured with lemon which gave it a more-ish appeal.  My friend had never had this one before but decided it was going to be on the list from now onwards.

The vegetarian pizza had the same cheese as the pie with a base made from the same dough too.  This had the added extras of olives, cruncy capsicum and tomatoes.  This was also very good.

The items we ordered were similar, but the cheese pie had to be my favourite.

I'd never had sour cherry juice before but it tasted just like cranberry.  The strawberry juice was delicious and reminded me of the amazing meal I had enjoyed in Egypt with a full glass of the stuff fresh.

A1 bakery is a bit of an instution and is popular for a reason.  I'm reall glad I finally got to try their famous cheese pie.

A1 Bakery
645 Sydney Rd  
Brunswick 3056
03 9386 0440

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