• Waffle On (Degraves Street)

And it is now summer, with heat and clear skies.  Yesterday morning we walked down to Degraves for coffee and a waffle.  How can you not be in a good mood with this weather and holidays soon approaching?  Waffles made with a smile and a French accent...nice.  We walked over to Federation Square to soak up the atmosphere.  It was a lovely Melbourne moment.

I had a waffle with Nutella and a flat white.  I cannot remember the last time I had a waffle.  Oh, in fact, I can.  It was in Amsterdam, a hot waffle with melted chocolate (compulsory for any food-loving-tourist).  This one was just as good (although the atmosphere in Amsterdam, being with my close friend and the hype of the country’s speciality will no doubt be more memorable).  The outside was crunchy after toasting with a light centre like a French croissant.  It was cool enough for the Nutella not to melt and stick within the geometric hollows.

The coffee, on the other hand, was too hot and in a massive cup – we had not thought to specify the size.  Still, it was not bad and went well with the waffle.

Can you believe that I have lived in Melbourne all my life but had never been to Waffle On?  I expected it to be good, and it was.  Merry Christmas everyone.  Let’s enjoy this festive season while we can.

Waffle On
Shop 9
Degraves Street
Melbourne 3000
0401 408 168

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