• La Trattoria, an old family favourite?

In Adelaide, I am spoilt for food.  With my second to visit to Andre's on Thursday (which was even more delicious than I remembered - see my last review), we wanted something casual and easy the day before – so pizza it was.  La Trattoria was recommended and I later heard locals describe it as 'well-known' and ‘traditional’.

Arriving absolutely ravenous in the company of two good friends, we tried to hurry ordering with scattered minds, and soon had pizzas at the table.  I ordered the Romana: cheese, tomato and artichokes.

The cheese was nicely golden with bite and mixed herbs had been sprinkled all over.  It was tasty and perhaps had some different flavours, but wanting something cheap and cheerful, we discovered La Trattoria to be over-priced.  My medium pizza was big enough to satisfy, not big enough for me to be full, and at $20 for an 11 inch diameter,  I thought any larger too expensive to spend on a mere pizza (the next size up 12 inches was $26).

Don’t get me wrong, I love pizza, and La Trattoria’s was good, but I had not expected it to be so expensive.

And the service?  It was a little strange. There were so many staff and as they were all freely dressed, it was hard to tell who was working there and who wasn’t.  Still, they managed to bring out the orders quickly enough for the large restaurant, and sometimes we even got a smile.

So what’s the verdict?  Well, it is not the best place I have been to in Adelaide, it was a nice meal with friends, but I will not be seeking out dinner here again.

La Trattoria
348 King William St
Adelaide, SA 5000
08 8212 3327

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