• Breakie at AIX Creperie - Centre Place

Living in Melbourne, too often I neglect the parts which attract tourists but essentially make up the culture of our city.  Centre Place is like this – an iconic lane-way with inspiring street art and enough cafes to give Melbourne its cafe culture tag.

I’m now trying a new coffee place each week, and this time it was AIX Creperie.  Ok, I admit, I have been here before – but not since blogging, so not for a long time.  The breakfast special attracted us with scrambled eggs with spinach and parmesan on toast with a ‘hot drink’ for $8.50.

It feels a bit indulgent to order breakfast on a weekday, but this was tasty and simple; moist folded eggs with cooked baby spinach and parmesan throughout.  The grained toast was well buttered, and overall the meal was adequately sized and enjoyable.

The coffee was milky but still had flavour (although subtle).

I could have sat here for hours, watching the cool passers-by, who were undoubtedly more creative than me (in their dress at the very least).

AIX Creperie

24 Centre Place
Melbourne 3000
03 9662 2667

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