• Beach holiday - lunch at Kaos Kafe (Lorne)

Sometimes I have good luck.  And the weekend that we had booked to stay at my friend’s beach house in Lorne was just that – good weather that only luck could bring.  With close friends, an appetite for good food and free reign to the wine cellar, I had the feeling it was going to be a very fine weekend.

By the Sunday afternoon, we had eaten all the food that we had pre-bought and pre-cooked, and found ourselves at Kafe Kaos (the best lunch spot in Lorne, according to the locals).

We managed to get a table on the end; half in sun, half in shade, so the burnt and tanning could choose sides.

I was tossing up between ordering the tomato bruschetta (the table next to me had ordered it and it looked fab) or the tofu burger.  The waitress recommended the burger and I took her advice.

Burgers used to be something you could grab with your hands.  These days the simple burger had transformed into a tower of any ingredients held together by bread.  Did they seriously think anyone could pick this up to eat it?

The slab or firm tofu was met with grated beetroot, carrot, salad leaves and grain bread smeared with peanut butter.  This was drenched in sweet chilli and thick soy.  The flavours may have gone together well but it was too hard to tell, I struggled to put a sample of each onto one forkful.  It was a protein intense meal, the overdose of soy and chilli was extreme.

My friend ordered the caramelised onion, pear and goats cheese bruschetta.  This looked very impressive.  She enjoyed it but said that there was too much onion, that it would have been better on the side rather than ventral to the dish.

My other friend ordered the felafel wrap.  This also had a lot of sweet chilli but she enjoyed it as a light and healthy meal.

Overall the food was decent, but it seemed the chef had a phobia of blandness.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not a fan of anything bland, but one does need to strike some balance.  The staff were laid back and friendly but prompt on service.  Of course the best thing about Kaos Kafe is the location; outside, over-looking the beach.

Kaos Kafe

52 Mountjoy Pde
Lorne 3232
03 5289 2639

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