• Lunching at Sissi & Co

1290 Malvern Road
Malvern 3144
03 9822 8268

I had lunch with my jet-lagged mother the other day.  As we rarely get to lunch together, this was an occasion.  My mother sifted through her recommendations of Armadale cafes.  Still on European time, our meal was late, and after finding her number one preference closed, we ended up at Sissi & Co.

The layout of Sissi & Co is open and white – exactly my mother’s taste.  The food was simple, but somehow seemed more wholesome knowing the entire list of ingredients was on the little paper description.  By the end of the day, there were only a few vegetarian options.  I went for the baked ricotta and the cous cous salad.

I have always found baked ricotta a little strange when I see it in recipe books.  Why would anyone want to bake fresh cheese?  And then why would one want to eat a whole slab of cheese as if it were a pie?  But with little options, I was open to finally try it.

The ricotta was served warm and seemed to be more like tofu in texture.  The flavour was subtle but friendly with corn cake, spinach, thinly sliced zucchini and moist sun-dried tomatoes.  The cold cous cous salad was simple with cous cous, pumpkin, baby spinach and sultanas.  The food was expensive and clean – fitting with the area.

Perhaps I will now be inspired to try some of those baked ricotta recipes.   And whilst I will not return to Sissi & Co in a hurry, it was a pleasant meal, and a nice way to spend quality time with my mum.

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