• Finally, some good coffee...

Level 2
Melbourne Central
300 La Trobe St
Melbourne 3000
03 9645 0065

Every morning, to the amusement of my colleagues, I make myself a pot of tea.  I use my green tea pot that my dad (also a tea lover) gave me.  I spoon in tea leaves from my favourite tea shop in South Melbourne, let them brew for at least 5 minutes, then swoosh it all around before I pour.

Apparently this ritual is seen as somewhat eccentric in a Melbourne office.  It’s much more acceptable to use the free tea bags the kitchen supplies (yuk!) or buy coffee from one of the mediocre cafes close-by.

Ok, so I am a tea snob (I’ll admit it), and perhaps a coffee snob too, but my ritual was changed last week when I discovered Plantation.

From the owners of Sensory Lab and St Ali, Plantation has brought quality coffee to Melbourne Central.  I questioned why they chose the newly renovated food court as a location.  It’s just across the road from RMIT, but surely uni student with lots of time on their hands would prefer to sit outside in summer than in a shopping centre?  Still, the team have done well with their shopfront displaying coffee contraptions, cakes and slices in an attractive way.

While waiting for my coffee to be expertly created, I looked at the items on display.  The staff were soon at my side, explaining each instrument.

“Coffee is like wine,” the guy explained passionately.  He went on to recommend that I try the Brazilian blend that was to be the roast of the next day.

Whilst my palate is much more accustomed to deciphering wine, I can still appreciate the flavours of a well-made espresso.

Without encouragement, I was back the next day, and without resistance I was eating their delicious brownie too.

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  1. Good on you coffee snob! I love teas as much as I love coffees and will enjoy it any which way I like :) Don't let the general public change your ways!

  2. Aw, thanks so much! Us tea drinkers are a dying breed it seems. Let's try to convert them all ;)

  3. i liked it too... but hated their cold drip coffees. it was way too caffeinated and bitter.
    xo: newintstudents

  4. I haven't tried them yet, but feel I should give them a go. Have you tried the brownies?? So delicious.

  5. thanks for the awesome review! we have few different experiemental cold drips running at the moment but if you are tea person, then you should come down and try the syphon! we'll be happy to talk all about it if you never tried it before :D

    hope to see you again real soon