• Lakeside Cafe at Azhar Park

Lakeside Cafe
Azhar Park
Salah Salem Street

It was so hot, the day I went to Azhar Park.  For some reason I love walking when I am travelling – perhaps it is the luxury of having time to do it – and insanely the heat never stops me.  So on a hot, hot, Egyptian-summer day I walk from the Al-Azhar Mosque, through the fruit market, to the wrong entrance of the citadel, back around to the right entrance, and then eventually to Al Azhar Park.

By the time I got there, I was craving water.  But I still managed to appreciate the beautiful surroundings.

The Lakeside Café opens earlier than the Citadel Restaurant (which I had originally planned to go to).  The café is casual, outdoor, and has a lovely view of the citadel and, surprisingly, the lake.

I ordered the equivalent of an Egyptian calzone filled with cheese and thyme.  It arrived served with fat, pickled chillies.  As it was the start of my trip, I had to wonder whether the chillies should be considered as un-washed vegetables.  I ate them.  They tasted good.  The bread with herb and cheese was good too.

This is a beautiful spot to relax.  The menu is in English and there are vegetarian dishes.