• Indulging at the new Lindt Cafe

500 Chapel Street
South Yarra
03 9090 0009

On Monday evening, I had the pleasure of attending the launch of Lindt’s Chapel Street cafe.  I love chocolate, especially Lindt.  Of all my weaknesses, chocolate is the one temptation to which I can only yield.  

It was so energising to be in a room filled with people passionate about this delicious and addictive dessert.

As I entered, I was welcomed to try the 99% cocoa.  It was intense with a slight bitterness on the end.  Still, it melted in my mouth, as smoothly as any.

Next up was an impressive pyramid of the latest macarons.  The rose one was delicious, the passionfruit even better, the pistachio devine.  They also showed off their new Spring flavours – green apple with a touch of cinnamon, and banana.  The former had a crisp flavour to balance the sweetness.  The banana one was surprisingly good with the rich taste of fresh banana.

Of course chocolate featured too – mainly in the form of a giant fondu with marshmallows and strawberries.  The friendly staff (also passionate about and addicted to chocolate) advised me of the best fondu technique as to not get chocolate all over you:  “You have to dip it in, spin it, then put it in your mouth quickly,”  they advised.  These were real experts.  The marshmallows were like chocolate mousse – completely decadent covered with melted, warm, milk Lindt chocolate.

The whole event was so indulgent that I was overly excited from the atmosphere and sugar-overdose.  As if that wasn’t enough, we were all given a generous bag of goodies to take home.

Thank you Lindt for such a lovely evening.  My addiction has gone up another level.

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