• Beating the winter chill with pasta: dinner at the Waiters' Restaurant

20 Meyers Place
Melbourne 3000
03 9650 1508

My friend is a creature of habit.  Whenever she has a party, it is invariably at a bar in Meyers place.  And whenever I go there, it seems I have dinner beforehand at the Waiters' Restaurant.  With my friend now living overseas, I had not visited the restaurant for years.  I remembered it from my uni days as being cheap, authentic and casual.  The prices have gone up, so have the number of clientele, but the essence is the same.

Stuck to the laminex walls are laminated Italian posters, that look like they are from the 80’s.  The tables and fittings are basic but I was extremely thankful that they hadn’t scrimped on the heating.

The menu is written up on the blackboards in white chalk, prices do not feature but have increased from about $10 to $19 a bowl.  Pastas can be matched with a sauce of your choice and I elected for spaghetti with Napoli sauce and mushrooms.  The presentation was, of course, basic, but the pasta was as authentic and carefully made as any done by Anna (our Italian family friend about whose meals we dream).  There is nothing better than fresh, homemade pasta in winter.

My friend ordered the mushroom risotto and loved it.

They serve house wine, which I would not recommend.  There are also several house-made desserts including tiramisu and chocolate mousse.  The mousse was light but still enjoyable.

The tiramisu had soft cream and well-soaked sponge instead of biscuits.

Perhaps the Waiters Restaurant is not all that it used to be, but I still enjoyed it.

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