• Sweets and savouries at Nikos Quality Cakes

25 Portman St
Oakleigh 3166
03 9569 9802

On a stormy Sunday, mum suggested we go out for brunch.  She had heard about Niko’s from her friend and was convinced it would be exceptional with both her friend and the cafe supposedly being 'Greek'.  I was sceptical but willing to try.

We sleepily drove to Oakleigh, missing the turn-off and later finding the café at the end of the pedestrian mall, whose cafes were still visited on Sunday despite the shops being closed.

Nikos is a modern café, and, unlike how its website describes, it is not just a cake shop – it does savouries, coffees and hot food too.  The breakfast menu was nothing different and the vegetarian lasagne was sold out, so I ordered the impressive looking eggplant, pumpkin and ricotta calzone.  The dough was soft but the filling was tasty.

The coffee was nutty but a bit too milky, maybe due to their slightly larger than usual cups.

The stand outs were definitely the desserts.  I took a cake home.  It had moist cake encrusted with hazelnuts, spiralled with a chocolate and hazelnut crème.

I also tried a couple of the macarons, which were delicious.  The pistachio one was very tasty with a crisp texture and not too much sugar. 

The atmosphere was relaxed and pleasant.  We had no trouble getting a table, which was a relief.  It seems we will be visiting Nikos again soon, and this time trying more of their delicious sweets.

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