• A small patisserie for small patisserie: La Belle Miette

30 Hardware LaneMelbourne 3000
03 9024 4528

Macarons are the new craze in Melbourne.  I am pleased to say that they are far more exciting than their predecessors – the cupcakes – which I find bland in the cake and over sugared on top.   No.  Macarons are much classier, sophisticated, sweets, which fit in all the better with Melbourne (the cultural capital of Australia).

And no country represents class and sophistication better than France.  La Belle Miette has combined the two: a beautiful sweet in a French atmosphere.   This shop is so adorably cute that it is hard not to get excited.  Even the staff are smiling and eager to help you choose just which of these bite-sized treats to try.

There are 13 flavours ranging from old favourites like chocolate, to vanilla with olive oil.  Order six and they will be presented in a decorative box, an impressive gift.

The vanilla strawberry  is a strawberry macaron with a vanilla filling.  One bite and all I could think was: this is so delicious!  The bright pink outside was crisp, the middle biscuit light and moist.  A spot of strawberry conserve was hidden in the middle.  Sweet indulgence.

The ginger in the ginger macadamia one was quite strong.  Ground macadamias were mixed into the overly sweet filling.

The pale pink one was sakura and sake.  The flavours in this were much more subtle than those in the others.

I really enjoyed the raspberry.  It was bright red with a rich raspberry taste, chewy centre and raspberry coulis inside.

The olive oil one actually tasted like olive oil, beautifully smooth and not as sweet as the others.

The salted caramel was delicious with a thick chewy caramel oozing out the sides.

The texture of all the macarons was beautiful but their centres were too sweet.  Still, I love the feeling that La Belle Miette radiates.  Their motto is “A small patisserie for small patisserie”.  My experience  was “a small indulgence for the more indulgent”.

The owners are passionate about France and these desserts.  It comes together well.  However, whilst popular in France, the macaron's origin is rumoured to be Italian. La mollica bella.

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