• Tower Sushi

111 Bourke Street
Melbourne 3000

Big courtyards are trending the CDB.  When my friend suggested Tower Sushi in the large outdoor space near the corner of Bourke and Exhibitions Streets, I was happy to try it.  Lovely weather, a big open space in the sun, what more could one want for a lovely lunch?  Well, lovely food perhaps.

It was not that the food at Tower Sushi was bad, more that the vegetarian options were limited.  Ravenous, I ordered the yasi (vegetable) udon and a avocado hand roll.  The sushi was fine, no different to any other in the plethora of sushi bars around town.  The udon took a while to arrive and contained lots of fresh cucumber, mushrooms and seaweed, but the soup was made with meat stock so this one, of their only two vegetable dishes, was not actually vegetarian.

The other vegetarian option for the hot meals was tofu don.  Whilst I like tofu, I find just tofu and rice a bit overwhelming for a meal.

My friend enjoyed her teriyaki beef don.  Next time I will just order sushi and lower my expectations.