• Kenzan @ GPO

Shop 28G
350 Bourke St
Melbourne 3000
03 9663 7767

Whilst the sushi craze has reached maturity in Melbourne, most sushi joints offer a substandard version of Japan’s tapas equivalent.  What’s the difference?  Well, the quality and variety of ingredients for one.  But the most annoying (and avoidable) problem is that the seaweed here is soggy with the sushi having been assembled hours before it is served (a disappointment compared to the freshly made, crispy maki served in the country of origin).

Delicious maki  in Japan.  How amazing does this 
look compared to most sushi places in Melbourne?

This has forced me treat sushi like fast food – a quick but necessary snack between work and Spanish class that is ready when I ask for it and can easily be eaten whilst walking.

Kenzan suggests there is still hope.  At least this little, casual eatery has gotten one thing right: the packaging.  It may seem trivial, but it is the vital component keeping the seaweed dry and the rice moist.  Kenzan manages to bring its sushi up to the standard of a Japanese convenience store.  This is meant as a compliment.  Even the convenience stores in Japan serve better sushi than many of the places around Melbourne.  Perhaps this says something about the Japanese focus on quality – did I mention Japan also makes fabulous stilettos that have lasted longer than any of those I have bought in Italy?

The vegetarian handrolls contain avocado, sweetened mushroom and most importantly, crispy dried seaweed.  There is also a selection of hot meals which are served authentically in their clean and casual setting.

Kenzan’s may be more expensive than other’s sushi, but it is worth it.  After enjoying the decency of Kenzan, other sushi disgusts me – like eating McDonalds after a meal at Vue de Monde.

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