• A casual lunch and good Phad Thai at Le Bangkok

195 Lonsdale St
Melbourne 3000
03 9663 0360

I am forever searching for good Phad Thai.  And why wouldn’t I when the tastes of Thai cuisine are so flavoursome that I crave them all the time? Chilli, lime, peanuts, tamarind.  They always forget the tamarind.

Le Bangkok has been opened for several months but had escaped my radar.  Easily miss-able amongst the plethora of Greek spots on Lonsdale Street, Le Bangkok has a pleasant interior and a traditional menu.  For a weekday lunch it is casual and more relaxed than some of the other Thai restaurants in the area.

The Phad Thai can be ordered as vegetarian and will be cooked as such too.  Mine arrived in an impressive display of noodles, egg, vegetables and bean shoots.  The noodles were fresh and well cooked.  The vegetables included cauliflower, broccoli and carrot.  The tamarind was mixed throughout.  A wedge of lemon and crushed peanuts were on the side.  The flavours could have been improved with more chilli.  Still, it was the best Phad Thai I had eaten for a while.

There are not many vegetarian dishes on the menu but all are freshly cooked with changes no problem.

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  1. nice post dear blogger

  2. I visited this hotel for three dinners from Jan 30th to Feb 1st 2013

    The orders were not taken properly and the reservation is conveyed properly to us. The staff could not communicate in proper english. The table setup and the serving plates with spoon for the dishes are not there. Every time we need to use the spoon from the dining.

    The Ambiance needs a lot of improvisation and the menu needs more options. The meats and chicken tasted frozen and it did not blend with curries which we ordered. Particularly the green curry was terrible.Nothing had vegetables what you have mentioned in the menu.

    Fried fish with Sweet Chilli sauce and the coconut milk ice cream was the best but needs more effort to make it. The ice cream was not soft and it was breaking.

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  4. That's a shame you didn't like it. Then why did you keep going back? Perhaps it depends what you order. I went there the other day for the first time in ages, I still really enjoy the vegetarian Phad Thai.