• Ghin Khao Thai Food

242 Swanston Street Melbourne 3000
03 9663 3345

With a façade comparable to a tacky souvenir store on a Thai tourist strip, I had never given Ghin Khao a second glance. But craving phad thai the other day, I finally thought I would try it. The narrow restaurant is a bottle neck at the front with cabinets and a counter making it even harder to get in, or out. Is it part of their strategy to hold people up at the front to make it look popular and full to passers-by? A number of tables were taken.

The take-away vegetarian phad thai was ready in less than ten. Artistically spiralled with noodles, peanuts, mini corn, sprouts and cucumber, the meal looked impressive for take-away. I squirted the juicy lemon over the dish, but strangely found the flavours too subtle without chilli or a lot of tamarind. Perhaps I looked too non-Thai to be able to handle the heat? Still, it was filling and enjoyable with lots of peanuts and well cooked noodles.

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