• Fo Guang Yuan

141 Queens Street
Melbourne 3000
03 9642 2388

If the purpose of Fo Guang Yuan is to propagate peace and meditation, their restaurant achieves this instantly.  As you enter, overcome with soft flute melodies and the smell of cumquat tea, you cannot help but to feel relaxed.

Literally translated as “Buddha shining fate”, Fo Guang Yuan gives a feeling that a meal has more purpose and spirituality than just filling stomachs - whilst I admit that is important too.

Set in the Buddhist centre and gallery, Fo Guang Yuan feels more like a living room than a restaurant.  I am told that the staff are volunteers.  The food is vegetarian, even the meat dishes which are derived from tofu.

I often order the noodles with mock char siew, bok choy and mock minced pork.  The fake meat is now a bit of a novelty which disgusted me at first.  Luckily it only looks (and doesn’t taste) like meat.  The food is filling and feels healthy.

The crystal dumplings are also tasty and filled with goodness.

If you are ever feeling stressed in the middle of a tough work day, I would recommend Fo Guang Yuan – somehow it helps to put everything into perspective.

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  1. Loved lunch with you today, Elisa - and great choice of venue! I couldn't agree more - Fo Guang Yuan is such a peaceful location to break up a busy, stressful day in the office. It's not just the relaxed and calm atmosphere, but the food makes me feel healthy and cleansed. Looking forward to another lunch sooon!

  2. Thanks Dee! Yes, well said. We will have to have lunch again soon. X