• Mexicali Rose

“Oh Mexicali Rose, they have really nice food,” declared M as we searched Swan Street for a spot to eat last night. One would think that being a food blogger would mean carefully picking each location beforehand. It seems not.

After a fun and energetic Reggaeton class at Dance Factory, M and I wandered down Swan Street for our weekly meal together. After M made her recommendation, she then defended herself – setting herself up to avoid blame in case the experience was average. Luckily it was not.

Whilst it is not displayed on the window, Mexicali Rose does have a vegetarian section on their menu, making it all the easier to order. The only problem is the dishes sound the same. It would be just as effective closing your eyes and pointing, as it would be to trying work out the differences between each dish.

I ordered the vegetarian chimichanga (and felt embarrassed by my pronounciation as I did). Served with rice and salad, chimichangas are deepfried burritos. This one was decorated with squiggles of sour cream and a really tasty barbeque flavoured sauce ( the dish would not have been much without it).

Excited by the Mexican atmosphere and soft drinks on display, I made the mistake of ordering the very exotic sounding “Agua Fresca Punch”. Unfortunately the appeal did not go beyond the name as it was no more than raspberry cordial with a few orange slices.

Dessert was a lot more enticing. M and I shared a serve of the chocolate taco: a taco filled with chocolate mousse and chocolate brownie, drenched in chocolate and served with ice-cream and cream. The brownie was light and fluffy with a consistency more like a tea-cake than a brownie. The mousse was also quite light but the dessert overall was completely decadent with a flood of melted chocolate. Recommendation: don’t eat this one alone.

It was an enjoyable meal. I enjoyed it much more that Amigos  (M’s last Mexican recommendation), which did not even seem to make it onto my blog until this sentence. Good work M, where are we going next week?

Mexicali Rose

103 Swan St
Richmond 3121
(03) 9429 5550

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