• Flora

238 Flinders St
Melbourne 3000
03 9663 1212

Indian restaurants are havens for vegetarians.  I loved travelling around India.  It was a joy of colours, sights and tastes.  Such a luxury it was to have a whole country believing in vegetarianism.  Here I could wander trying something from every food stall and sweet shop until I could eat no more.

Authentic restaurants take me right back to that trip.  Flora is just as good as any to help me reminisce.  It was my dear friend M who introduced me to Flora.   Being a critical expert on Indian restaurants, her opinion is worth a lot.  She describes Flora as one of the few vegetarian restaurants where she will eat and claims it to have the best dosa in Melbourne.  She also loves the samosas.

“You can judge a restaurant by its samosas,” explains M.

The dosa is very good.  It is crispy and made fresh when you order.  The accompanying  chutney and sambal are very tasty.  The masala dosa is my favourite and the potato is perfectly cooked and spiced every time.  There is something about the mixture of chilli, coconut, spices and carbs that makes the dish crave-worthy.

For a quick snack in between a hectic schedule I sometimes dash into Flora for a take away samosa.  I love taking a bite then filling the inside with the tamarind sauce and mint yoghurt.  The combination is a flavour explosion.

I used to love the chilli pakoras too but lately I have found them a bit dry and over cooked.  The chilli pakoras are only served on Fridays.

Of course no Indian restaurant would be complete without curry.  There are several vegetarian ones and the selection changes each day.  The saag is flavoursome and buttery.  This is probably my favourite.  I always feel healthier after a big dose of iron filled spinach even if it is cooked in butter.

Set up like a canteen, Flora’s atmosphere is very casual.  You pay and order at the front and then wait for your number to be called and flash up on the red and black digital screen.  Your meal is then passed over the metal counter for you to take to your table.

Since its renovation, there is a large seating area.  Bollywood video clips play in the background, making it an enjoyable place to eat alone too.

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