• Peko Peko

I am usually sceptical of modern food in cheap restaurants. Generally I associate this with a lack of authenticity. Yet Peko Peko was packed on Saturday night, and perhaps this was an indication that the meal would turn out okay.

The waitress was a little odd, as if our presence made her extremely uncomfortable. Still, she was polite enough and our food arrived quickly and correctly.

Plus number one is that an extensive section of the menu is dedicated to vegetarian food. Between three of us we ordered: vegetarian gyoza, pumpkin gyoza, nasu dengaku, okonomiyaki and soba noodles. The pumpkin gyoza were a tasty take on the original. The nasu dengaku had a smoky taste which surprisingly added to the dish well. The noodles were in a mourish soup.

Peko Peko

199 Smith Street
Fitzroy 3065
03 9415 9609

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