• HuTong Dumpling Bar

The HuTong obsession can become contagious and has recently been going around my work place. There is something bonding about squishing around a table sharing dishes together. My number one rule with dumplings and yum cha is that you cannot leave with any room left in your stomach. Luckily there is enough choice at HuTong to make that possible.

The vegetarian dumplings are delicious with crystal skins and a mixture of tasty veggies inside. Combined with lots of soy, vinegar and chilli, these are my favourite. The spinach dumplings are also enjoyable as are the mixed vegetable plates. Last time I went the spring rolls were a little strange with a samosa-like filling.

As with any cheap and cheerful Chinatown eatery, don’t expect much from the service. They will squeeze 10 people onto a table that usually seats four and ignore your gaze if it is busy. But unlike others in the area, the food and venue are clean. The dumplings are made with care and presented as if they take pride in them – which indeed they do.

Make sure you book in advance as you will be hard pressed getting a table.

Hu Tong

14-16 Market Lane
Melbourne, 3000
03 9650 8128

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