• Fratellino Pizzeria

Translated from the Italian diminutive of “little brother”, you do feel a sense that this place is more about family hanging out by making pizza together than ambitiously trying to create a top restaurant. Perhaps, that is why Fratellino’s is so good. It doesn’t need to try hard, it just is.

I was first introduced to Fratellino’s by a friend from school. I loved it so much that soon I was eating there almost every week, and craving it when I didn’t. I love pizza. If someone asks me what my favourite food is, "pizza" is usually the answer.

Fratellino’s pizzas include the traditional thin crust, slightly charred and not overdone with ingredients. The melanzane is a favourite but there are lots of other options on the menu including ortelana, vegetarian and margherita. The staff are very obliging when it comes to changing toppings to non-meat versions.

They can also do a mouth-watering vegetarian version of the antipasti platter with hot and salty dough balls to accompany the sun-dried tomatoes, garlic mushrooms and caprese salad.

The greek salad is perfect to balance a carb-loaded pizza with soft fetta included.

As per the family feel, don’t expect overly polite and attentive service. If you went to your brother’s house for dinner, he’d be plonking the water bottles and plates in front of you too. But this seems to only add to the casual atmosphere.

The chocolate and hazelnut calzone is a must. The home made casata is also delicious.

Book beforehand as this eatery fills up early and can be noisy with young kids before 8pm.

Fratellino Pizzeria

415 Malvern Road
South Yarra 3141
03 9826 3624

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