• Bar Lourinha

Given the task of organising our team dinner, I was nervous. I wanted to choose somewhere with a private room big enough for 30 people, somewhere with good food but that was not too expensive, somewhere that would cater to everyone’s differing tastes, and somewhere that had a touch of Melbourne for our interstate team members. Would I be able to find somewhere that would tick all these boxes? In the end I chose Bar Lourinha and crossed my fingers that it would be enough to please everyone – including me: the vegetarian.

It was a Tuesday night and after an intense day of team workshops and office catering, many looked eager for a nice wine and a flavoursome meal. The space was perfect for a function. Named the “Chapel Room”, the space upstairs from the bar was designated to our group with a long table down the middle set elegantly and with olives and spiced almonds. The waitress (also designated to our group) confirmed the details of our pre-dinner drinks and professionally promised to let me know if they were becoming excessive.

I had asked for the shared plates menu. While others became food-drunk on the kingfish pancetta, I was in awe of how they could make bland-looking salads taste so good. Then came the mushrooms. Cooked in a garlic cream, I felt like I was in heaven. Even the meat-eaters were ready to taste these ones.

I had been concerned that people would still be hungry with the shared plates meaning lots of small serves, but as the dishes continued to come out, appetites started to fill. Then came the cheeses followed by deliciously smooth pomegranate crema.

Everyone loved the dinner, including yours truly and my fine-food-loving manager. Don't they always say the way to a promotion is through the stomach?

Bar Lourinha
37 Little Collins Street
Melbourne 3000
03 9663 7890

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