• Oriental Tea House - South Yarra

I had shown reluctance when anyone had suggested eating at Oriental Tea House, associating Chinese food with cheap and my mum’s cooking. My mum’s cooking is great, but why would I want to go out to a noisy, restaurant that I judged to be less authentic than her home cooking? Well, because the atmosphere is energetic, the food made with care (with less oil and more veggies than the usual Chinese take away shop) and the service is extremely pleasant.

The first enticer is that an extensive section of the menu is dedicated to vegetarian food. This includes several types of dumplings, vegetable dishes, and the usual snacks like vegetable buns and spring onion pancakes. The pancakes and buns were not impressive, but the dumplings were being perfectly steamed with thinly rolled skins and a variety of fresh veggies inside.

For dessert I ordered the chocolate dumplings. These were actually a version of Chinese sesame balls usually filled with red bean. Their version is filled with melted chocolate instead. They were a very enjoyable take on my favourite Chinese dessert.

Oriental Tea House
455 Chapel St
South Yarra, 3141
03 9824 0128

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