• Elwood Food & Wine

201 Ormond Road
Elwood 3184
03 9531 3339

Situated opposite Elsternwick Park, this café is abreast with the fashionistas of Elwood. The atmosphere is pleasant with a covered veranda and polished wood floors.

There are very few vegetarian options. I ordered the “Gypsy Eggs” with mushrooms instead of bacon, only to be told it would not be possible as the dish was pre-made with bacon in it. Wanting something savoury, the only other option was to order eggs on toast with sides. The girl who took our original order was a new waitress and was confused by our orders. The manager then took my revised order, only to get it wrong but blame the new girl. I felt sorry for the new waitress who, whilst being confused was not the one who got my order incorrect.

The food was fine. The eggs were poached well, but overall they were nothing exciting.

When we asked for the bill, not only was I overcharged for my new order, but I was charged for my first order too. In the end the manager did not charge me for my dish – whilst again blaming the new girl for the mistake.

I would not recommend going here when you are spoilt for choice with better brunch places on Ormond Road, Elwood.

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  1. My friend suggested this cafe last weekend so I read your review. I thought I'd give it a go as it's been nearly 4 years since your visit. Surprisingly it was quite good. More vegetarian options now. I had corn fritters which were quite tasty. The pasta was delicious. Apparently they serve good coffee. Not much choice in terms of cakes though so we went somewhere else for cake. Ros

  2. Thanks Ros. I have been there a few times since actually as my friend likes the location, but have not actually looked past the drinks menu since my first visit. Good to see you enjoyed your meal. Perhaps I will have to give it another go.