• Es Teler 77

319 Swanston Street Walk
Melbourne 3000
03 9663 4243

Cheap and quick are probably the best words to describe this joint. Across a wide counter, the young girl takes my order. I wonder how she can hear me or see the order I am pointing to from such a distance, it becomes evident that she could not when 7 minutes later I am given vegetarian, stir-fried, vermicelli noodles (rather than the intended order of steamed veggies with rice and peanut sauce). Still the noodles are good to fill my hunger and the saltiness of the sauce makes me eat them quickly.

The outside and interior are typical of a cheap Indonesian restaurant: laminate tables, basic chairs and a view of the hectic kitchen behind the order counter.

The meal was forgettable, but for $8, I would return for a gut-filler when in a hurry. Perhaps not much more.

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